A british patient, 67 years old has been submitted to a thrombectomy, by the team of interventional neuroradiology of the IMED Hospitals with satisfactory results.

IMED Levante Hospital continues to demonstrate that it has his protocol ‘Ictus Code’ perfectly organized that articulates different areas of the hospital to provide a quick and effective response to cases of stroke. Jacqueline Rhodes, a British woman who was on holiday in Benidorm, was the last patient who was able to determine the good work of the medical team IMED Levante.

After two weeks of evolution in the hospital, the patient was discharged this past Friday, saying she was “very happy with the treatment she received in the hospital. “The doctors have told me that because I went quickly to the center and the rapid action of the entire team i was able to recover.” The patient now resume their daily activities, the consequences are minimal and she is able live a completely independent life. Dr. Miriam Lezcano, neurology team IMED Levante, who has led the monitoring of the patient and emphasize “the positive developments that have taken in these two weeks.”

Dr. Lezcano explained that “the patient arrived with stroke, so the ‘stroke code’ was activated, she tried to undo the thrombus with a medical therapy, but in this case it was not enough and an interventional neuroradiologybecame necessary”. Luckily, in IMED they have some of the top professionals in this specialty. “The procedure consisted of the complete removal of the thrombus causing stroke accessing to the thrombosed artery by catheterization. Dr. Federico Ballenilla neuroradiologist has been responsible for conducting the intervention that resolved the attack”.

Dr. Ballenilla wanted to highlight, above all, “the excellent coordination between the various departments of the hospital. ER, ICU, diagnostic imaging, neurology and interventional neuroradiology We are used to perform complex interventional procedures and teamwork, but in this cases where time is a critical factor are especially delicate and require a previous work of preparing a very important clear protocol”.

Meanwhile, another team member neurology, Alejandro García Escrivá, insists that “never tire of remembering the importance of acting quickly to any hint that we may be having a stroke and go to a hospital prepared to attend such events. “Dr. García Escrivá recognized that “in the Hospital IMED Levante have managed to articulate a code stroke protocol highly effective, as shown by the last cases we had. This case has been a step in the articulation of the protocol, as we have gone from a pharmacological phase to an interventionist phase with powerful consequences for the life of the patient. “