Few days ago we talked about Heart attack, myocardial infarction and others cardiovascular diseases. A recent study of the World Health Organization has shown that cardiovascular disease is the first cause of death.

Every September 29, the World Heart Organization celebrates the World Heart Day with the aim to promote the prevention of cardiovascular disease.  IMED Hospitals published this infographic about the prevention of CVD, to raise awareness of the importance of preventing these diseases and promote heart-healthy living habits.

cardiovascular disease prevention

Cardiovascular disease (CVD), including heart disease and stroke, takes lives prematurely. Contrary to common belief, women are affected equally to men, and children are vulnerable too. Most deaths caused by CVD are preventable. Individuals, families, communities and governments must work together to avoid the physical, emotional and financial burden caused by CVD.

Most heart disease and stroke can be prevented by making healthy changes:

  • eating healthily
  • being active
  • stopping smoking

Join us for a heart-healthy environment!!