stroke in young people

Young people under 45 years underestimate the symptoms of stroke

The period of time from when a person experiences the first symptoms of a stroke until three hours after is referred to as the “gold window” and that time is considered crucial for patients who come to a hospital to receive medical attention to recover blood flow to the brain and minimize or reverse the damage.

However, a survey conducted

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prevent heart disease

World Heart Day 2015, actions to prevent heart disease and stroke

World Heart Day 2015 takes place today and it is a chance for people across the globe to take part in the world’s biggest intervention against cardiovascular disease (CVD). The initiative, promoted by the World Heart Federation, offers some thoughts and actions to prevent heart disease and stroke, creating healthy heart environments.

Cardiovascular disease takes lives prematurely. Contrary to common belief, women

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ictus stroke protocol

IMED Levante takes a further step to implement the protocol “stroke code”

A british patient, 67 years old has been submitted to a thrombectomy, by the team of interventional neuroradiology of the IMED Hospitals with satisfactory results.

IMED Levante Hospital continues to demonstrate that it has his protocol ‘Ictus Code’ perfectly organized that articulates different areas of the hospital to provide a quick and effective response to cases of stroke. Jacqueline Rhodes,

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What vegetables are good to protect from heart disease and stroke?

The research, leaded by the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the University of Naples (Italy), has identified 11 studies that included the following factors: adult population, evaluation of reference intake of potassium, assessment of vascular events and followed for at least 4 years.
Potassium to prevent heart disease and stroke
This apparent protective effect of potassium against cardiovascular disease was independent

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world heart day

Prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD): World Heart Day infographic

Few days ago we talked about Heart attack, myocardial infarction and others cardiovascular diseases. A recent study of the World Health Organization has shown that cardiovascular disease is the first cause of death.

Every September 29, the World Heart Organization celebrates the World Heart Day with the aim to promote the prevention of cardiovascular disease.  IMED Hospitals published this infographic

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