hip osteoarthritis

Hip osteoarthritis: Why it appears and which treatments are available?

Traumatologists define osteoarthritis as a degenerative process occurring in articular cartilage, the part covering the bone ends which together result in the joints, causing wear.
In the case of hip osteoarthritis, the cartilage covering the hip joint, consisting of a hemispherical cavity (acetabulum of the pelvis) and a ball which is articulated in it (femoral head) becomes worn. This cartilage

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IMED Hospitals Group collaborates with the England national football team

IMED Hospitals Group has established a relationship with the England National Football team to offer medical services if it was deemed necessary during their visit to our country for the match against the Spanish team last Friday.

Dr. Ian Beasley, head of medical services for the England Football Association and Doctor to the England National Football Team, visited the hospital on arrival

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knee replacement in Spain

Prosthetic knee replacement, a solution for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease caused by the deterioration of articular cartilage. The joints are formed by the union of two bones by the joint capsule. The bone ends which are joined to form the joint are covered with articular cartilage. When this cartilage is injured, pain, stiffness and inability to move occur. The joints that most suffers are

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osteoarthritis hip treatments in spain

Osteoarthritis hip: symptoms, causes and treaments

Osteoarthritis hip, which is medically known as Coxartosis refers to the wear or degeneration of the joint. The hip gradually wears out from the constant movement, shock, walking, and bearing weight. From a certain point we begin to lose cartilage (which is what makes the joint smooth and cushioned), which means the bone begins to deform and lose functionality

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best orthopedics surgery

The best orthopedics surgery in Spain at IMED Hospitals

From the clinical point of view a good medical center for orthopeadics surgery should have hospitalization, Intensive Care, Diagnostic Imaging development  laboratory, blood bank and the operating rooms. The center should be performing high complexity surgical activity, as a result of an acute indication or as scheduled operations. On this articule we would like to describe IMED Hospitales trauma

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