IMED Hospitals health group was present at the second edition of FITUR Health, initiative that took place from this Wednesday, January 20 until Sunday 24, in the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) in Madrid, Spain.

IMED Hospitals was exhibiting for the second time at this event, as it was present as one of the first spanish hospital groups who opted for the first edition of FITUR Health held in 2015. The hospital group, which has 4 centers across the Costa Blanca (Benidorm, Elche, Torrevieja and Teulada), attended this event with the aim of positioning its offer as a reference for health tourism in Spain.

The health group from Alicante in Spain stands out because of its health orientation for international patients because of the demographics of our area.

“We have a department for international patient care, with people focusing on markets like the British, Norwegian, Russian or the Netherlands,” said Yolanda Pickett, head of the international project of IMED. Pickett insisted that “since our origin, we have treated patients from all over Europe, allowing us to know what they need and offer a service that fits what they demand. Currently, at our Hospital in Benidorm, nearly 50% of our patients are foreign, forcing us to have employees who are very focused on their needs.” IMED has specific services for groups of patients of different nationalities as the team of translators, relations with foreign insurance companies and complementary services to patients and the ability to tune international TV channels from your room.

The department of FITUR Health was in a perfectly defined area and had an exhibition space to accommodate the proposals of the participating companies in this sector. It had an academic forum, which was developing an intensive program of professional conferences, and a place for meetings and custom and pre-established B2B appointments, with a wide selection of national and international buyers invited by the event (facilitators and brokers, insurance companies, doctors and specialized agencies in countries of origin) prescribers.

The FNCP (National Federation of Private Clinics) was also present at the fair through the initiative ‘Spain Cares‘. From the employer’s own clinics this event is seen as the perfect setting to value the potential of the medical tourism sector in Spain. “Health tourism is very attractive for Spanish healthcare providers and tourist opportunities. Spain is already a popular destination among Europeans, who see it as a more affordable and quality alternative to their health care system. But it also has a large margin for development and for a much larger share of health tourism market in the region.” In this regard, Health Fitur is the ideal way for Spain to publicize their services on this platform, FNCP sources have said.

Benidorm as health destination

The city of Benidorm was present and so this year also at FITUR through the Hospital IMED Levante. Benidorm has become an ideal destination for health tourism, as besides its traditional attractions, first class hospital care focused to international patients is offered. Health tourism becomes one more element to deseasonalise tourism in the area, taking advantage of the climate of the Costa Blanca.

Elche as health destination

As was the case in 2015, the city of Elche was present so this year also in FITUR through IMED Hospital. Elche has become an ideal destination for medical tourism due to factors such as the implementation of IMED in our city, proximity to the airport, the weather or its own interest.