The health tourism in Spain is one of the segments that have greater potential to improve the competitiveness of the tourism sector in Spain.

This is the conclusion from the First Health Tourism International Forum which was held the last week at the Frax Foundation in L’Alfas del Pi, Alicante. The Forum, where IMED Hospitales was present, try to analyze and evaluate the potential of Spain and the Costa Blanca as a medical destination for health tourism.

Spain has a lot to offer in terms of medical care. There are more than 750 hospitals, 1.21 million beds and 450,000 doctors and nurses who perform up to 2.4 million surgeries per year. Moreover, Spanish health industry has an excellent reputation for the essential post-operative care.

The main aim of spanish hospitals is to offer specialized health care by providing the patients with efficient and effective personalized services according to the highest quality standards while employing the latest technology. Additionally to its great health care system Spain is blessed with a distinct Mediterranean climate.

This is why every year millions of tourists seeking medical treatment visit Spain. Health tourism in Spain is one of the most profitable segments, which also has a growth potential like no other. Only medical tourism in Spain generated € 140 million in 2010 and is expected to reach 277 million turnover in 2015. Therefore, experts say it is a good time to develop strategies related to medical tourism in the area.