Spain is the premier European destination for health tourism holidays. Specifically, Costa Blanca is famous for the best all year round temperatures ensuring a speedy and pleasant recovery for those who get their health treatments abroad.

Benidorm, one of the most famous and important tourism cities in Spain, is located on the Mediterranean coast. In Benidorm you can enjoy a special microclimate, characterized by mild temperatures throughout the year, appreciate fine golden and transparent beaches, take pleasure in its legendary nightlife, practice relaxing and fun activities like hiking, snorkeling, spas and hotels activities, shopping, theme parks, and discover surprising places of natural beauty like Altea, Guadalest, El Albir or El Algar.

Why Health Tourism in Spain?

As we have seen, Spain, Costa Blanca and Benidorm are leaders in international tourism. Taking advantage of the existing tourism infrastructure, Spain has invested in health tourism and it is emerging as the most popular health tourism destination, especially for orthopedic surgery, dental treatments, plastic surgery and in vitro fertilization treatments.

There are many factors that contribute to the big reputation of Spain’s healthcare system:

  • Spain’s health system is ranked 7th in the world by the World Health Organization, ahead of Great Britain, ranked 18th.
  • Spain offers low cost medical treatments (in some cases are up to 70% cheaper than United Kingdom). Moreover, the Cross-Border Healthcare law allows the patient to be reimbursed by their national authority as quickly as possible.
  • Spain has high quality hospitals and clinics with modern medical technology and well qualified doctors and surgeons.
  • In Spain hospitals there are waiting times notably shorter compared to the UK.
  • Spain is renowned for its life expectancy and healthy lifestyle, where you can have a quick and healthy recovery after your treatment.
  • Spain has a well-established tourism infrastructure, so you can combine your health treatment in Spain with a holiday in a wonderful place to recuperate.
  • You can get affordable flight and accommodation in Spain from countries like United Kingdom.

An example of the quality of health tourism in Spain is IMED Levante Hospital. This hospital has been recognized as the ‘Best Private Hospital of Valencia Region’. A jury of renowned professionals from different fields related to health and health management have decided to recognize IMED Levante for the work done and the quality of care achieved.