What makes Spain’s Health Care System the best? It is ranked seventh best in the world by the World Health Organization. The same report states that Spanish are the second-most satisfied with their health care system Europeans.

Spanish are among the world’s healthiest people, with the the highest average life expectancy in the EU. The Mediterranean areas of Spain are amongst the healthiest places in the world to live, a fact endorsed by the World Health Organisation. Moreover the Spain health care system offers universal coverage as a guaranteed right, with the highest quality standards and the latest health technology. Healthcare in Spain is considered to be very efficient and safe, with excellent doctors and modern and well-equipped hospitals.

Among the best hospitals in Spain and Europe found the IMED Elche Hospital, in the Costa Blanca. It is located in an area covering 24.500 m2 and it is distributed over four floors. It comprises of 98 individual rooms (8 of which are suites) that are divided over 3 hospital wards. In a second phase of expansion, the hospital will have 140 rooms. IMED Elche Hospital is the newest hospital built to attend patients from cross border healthcare. This hospital provides a range of high-level private health care services:

It has the best possible technological resources for medical professionals to develop their private sector work with the highest standards of quality in a completely safe clinical environment.

IMED Elche Hospital currently has a promotion to get 2 plane tickets to visit the hospital, meet the doctors and have an initial consultation. You can get more information to  here. Also, you can see this virtual tour to know the hospital facilities: