Dr. Pablo Berrocal, one of the doctors of the Internal Medicine Unit at IMED Hospitals, explains the importance of medical checkups.

It is important to perform at least one medical checkup a year, because this allow the doctors to promptly detect the most prevalent pathologies and also to detect other less prevalent pathologies, so the patient can enjoy a better quality of life.

Internal Medicine Unit has a global view of the patient and of their distinct pathologies. It covers several fields of medicine including vascular diseases that pose risks such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases and all other types of pathologies.

health check spainIn this unit the doctors carry out general medical checks on the patient to see their current health state.

In first place the doctor holds a personal interview with the patient to discuss possible personal and family medical history and various illnesses.

Then the doctor carries out a complete medical revision including blood pressure, weight, height and a complete physical examination including a neurological probation, a blood test to see the drenal profile, the liver profile, thyroid function, cholesterol levels and an ultrasound to see the principal organs of the abdominal cavity, their structure and whether they show any alterations. Also the doctor carries out a chest X-ray and in cases of smokers, there is the possibility of a CAT scan to see the extent of pulmonary involvement.

Depending on the results of the medical examination, patient interview and complementary tests, the Internal Medicine doctors can know the patients current health state, and refer them to one of IMED Hospitals specialist if necessary.

We remain at your disposition at IMED Hospitals for any questions you would like to ask about the complete medical check packages. Remember that you can enjoy a holiday in Spain and carry out a medical checkup at an affordable price.