Spain enjoys a public healthcare system and a network of private health insurance companies and private hospitals, that provide health services to all Spanish residents, besides tourists and non-residents citizens.

Spain spends about 10% of its GDP (Gross domestic product) on his national healthcare system, with an excellent reputation of Spain’s doctors, nurses, hospitals and healthcare facilities, so this healthcare service is regularly rated amongst the world’s best.

Although quality of the public system is excellent and you do not need to have a private health insurance to get medical treatment in Spain, it usually to choose a private insurance as a supplement to the public system. This is due to the long waiting periods patients are often faced with. Private healthcare companies can offer a quick attention and a faster treatment.

The Spanish National Healthcare System

Spain’s national healthcare system is free of charge to:

residents in Spain and participating in the social security system.
residents in Spain and receiving certain state benefits.
residents in Spain and recently divorced from a partner registered with social security
children resident in Spain.
pregnant women resident in Spain.
students under 26 in Spain.
state pensioners.
non-residents in Spain with an EHIC card.

National Healthcare System is funded by social security contributions. The management of these healthcare services are decentralised and transferred to the distinct autonomous regions with corresponding powers and responsibilities. You will need to check the conditions in your own area for using healthcare services.

Maybe you are in Spain on a holiday or other temporary visit – you are not yet a resident in Spain-. If you have an EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) issued by an EU-member state, you can access state healthcare in Spain. You can also use it if you are studying in Spain as part of a course based in your home country.

With this EHIC card you can get any treatment (determined by the doctor) through the state healthcare system either at a reduced cost or free. But you cannot use the EHIC if you are coming to Spain specifically to get medical treatment.

It is advisable not to totally rely on the EHIC and to take out medical insurance, too. Some treatments such dental and eye care, fertility and pregnancy treatments or cosmetic surgery, are not supported. They tend to be covered privately. Also, unfortunately there can be long waiting lists to see specialists and for non-emergency surgical care.

Private healthcare in Spain

As we have seen, sometimes it is necessary to use private healthcare. Private healthcare provided in Spain is considered one of the best in the world. Private hospitals and clinics in Spain have excellent doctors and nurses, with modern and well-equipped facilities.

The private healthcare is either paid directly or, most often, through a private insurance company. This insurance is used either as a supplement or an alternative to public care.

The main benefit of private healthcare in Spain is that you don’t have to wait as long for treatment. Private hospitals offer value-added services such as

  • private rooms,
  • multilingual nursing service,
  • individual TV set with channels in your language,
  • Wi-Fi internet,
  • foreign newspaper,
  • express mailing,
  • personalized services

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