In 2014 Spain achieved a new high in the number of organ donations and transplants, with 4,360 transplant patients and 1,682 donors – 36 donors per million people – according to the World Transplant Registry. This data consolidates Spain as world leader in transplantation and organ donation, becoming global leader for 23 years.

According to the report by the National Transplant Organization (ONT) in 2014, in Spain 4,360 transplants were performed, with Spanish surgeons and doctors being a worldwide reference in transplants. According to this data, in Spain 4% of all transplants throughout the world, and 14% of all the European Union, take place. There has been an exceptional increase in renal (5%) and cardiac (6%) transplants.

Organ Transplants in Spain in 2014

4,360 transplants were performed in Spain in 2014, especially kidney transplant and liver transplant. The numbers of organ transplants were:

  • 2,678 kidney transplants
  • 1,068 liver transplants
  • 262 lung transplants
  • 265 heart transplants
  • 81 pancreas transplants
  • 6 intestinal transplants

Organ Donor in Spain in 2014

The donor rate grew by 1.6%, thanks to the generosity of 1,682 donors. This rate of donors, 36 donors per million people, is well above the EU average (19.5) in countries such as France (26), Italy (21.7), UK ( 21), Germany (10.7) or the United States (25.8).

This is a good example of the excellent performance of the health system, where the Spanish donor trusts their health. Despite these good numbers, remember that according to the World Health Organization, the number of donors only cover 10% of the need for transplants.


These figures only serve to reinforce data from the World Health Organization, where Spain occupies 7th place in the World Health Ranking. Factors such as quality of life in Spain and the level of hospitals in Spain make it a tourist destination with excellent health.