Dialysis Games will be held in the Joseph Rowntree School, in York on Sunday 13th September.

A sporting event for people undergoing treatment for kidney failure will take place in York on Sunday 13th September.

The aims of these Dialysis Games are to provide a one-off sports event specifically for those who dialyse and their families, promoting the benefits of exercise and well-being to dialysis patients and the wider population with chronic kidney disease.

Mark Hallam, who himself has daily dialysis at his home, is the York founder of the Dialysis Games. He has organized a lot of fundraising events and activities from 2013, besides to involve companies, organisations and individuals, as well as hospitals and renal units.

Mark, who works in the pensions department of NHS England, started dialysis – a process for removing waste and excess water from the blood – as a teenager in the 1980s. He said that “Sometimes when the machine is playing up you just want to kick the thing, but I try and stay positive and I think it’s good to work. It is very tough to be a dialysis patient, and I know up to three people a day die while awaiting a transplant. I also know that we kidney patients are a resilient bunch.”.

In these Dialysis Games, participants will have the opportunity to practice several sports, including archery, badminton, boccia, kurling, walking football, cycling, tennis, indoor bowls or table tennis, and other fun games and activities besides. There will be a bouncy castle, stalls and a tombola with lots of prizes.

IMED Levante hospital and their holiday dialysis centre in Benidorm offers their support by providing participation medals for all who take part.

The Dialysis Games are an excellent idea and IMED Hospitals are pleased to be able to form a small part of this initiative .