Dialysis generally refers to removing waste and excess water from the patient’s blood. It is also aimed at maintaining a healthy balance of certain chemicals such as potassium and sodium in one’s blood. This, in turn, helps to achieve normal blood pressure.

Potential patients for dialysis are those who suffer from:

  • kidney malfunction
  • chronic kidney disease
  • acute kidney injury
  • kidney failure (when about 80 to 90 per cent of kidney function is lost)

Many of these patients need dialysis while they are on holidays in Benidorm or elsewhere in the Costa Blanca. IMED Levante Hospital, located in the tourist town of Benidorm, provides its patients the highest quality dialysis center in the Costa Blanca. The dialysis center is newly created, so both its facilities and its equipment are brand new and meet the highest quality standards.

The dialysis center has modern equipment and facilities adapted for dialysis, plus extensive facilities and fantastic views of Benidorm and its surrounding areas.

  • 12 posts of dialysis by the firm Belco Formula Therapy 2000.
  • A modern water treatment plant, which ensures high-quality dialysis.
  • We also have a centralized concentrated ring system that facilitates and ensures the quality of service and comfort of both patients and healthcare workers.
  • During the dialysis sessions there is always a doctor present to guarantee the patient with immediate attention.
  • 24 hour emergency care during the patients stay.
  • Multilingual Nursing (English, Dutch, German)
  • Spacious and modern facilities with individual dividers to ensure patient privacy during each treatment.
  • Individual TV for each patient with multilingual channels.
  • Free wi-fi.
  • Free newspaper in the patients native language.

Now you can enjoy Benidorm and the Costa Blanca, and its ideal climate for relaxing holidays, making the dialysis sessions more comfortable.  IMED Levante Hospital, apart from taking care of the patient throughout their dialysis treatment, can also help them to find comfortable and suitable accommodation during their stay.

Consult our all-inclusive travel package for dialysis  treatments in Benidorm on the Costa Blanca.