Why are your services cheaper than those in my country?
You can save up to 30% on your surgery or treatment but that doesn´t mean, what so ever, that the quality of work is lower. The living standards here are comparable to those in the UK but the salaries and cost of living is cheaper.

Is there any reason for concern, regarding the language barier? Are members of your team speaking English?
Absolutely none reason for concern. All members of our team were chosen in accordance with specific criteria in order to provide high quality services to English speaking clients. They have to speak English, German, French and Norwegian to be able to understand all your queries in order to make you feel comfortable. We have a team of patient assistant translators at all times in our hospitals.

Are the clinics clean and what is the working place standards for cleanliness? I´m afraid of MRSA.
IMED Hospitales monitors this MRSA as well as all different kind of antimicrobial resistant bacteries and viruses. We maintain a comprehensive surveillance and information system that provides comparable and validated datas on the prevalence and spread of major invasive bacteria such as MRSA.

Would you require information and medical history from my own doctor prior to travel?
We do require information about your physical and mental health and your medical history. It is not essential to have it directly from your own doctor. Therefore, we have created a list of the most important questions in regards of clients health and medical history – our Medical Questionnaire

What are the most common problems following your surgery and how do your practices minimise these risks?
All the possible risks of all kinds of surgeries will be explained to you by the doctor on your first Skype consultation.

How many procedures have been carried out each year?
We have detailed this information in the Clinical services and activity section of Imed.

Is the price you quote all inclusive or are there added costs involved? Are there any hidden costs?
All pre-operative and post-operative consultations with your surgeon, the surgery and hospital – hotel accommodation with the Food and Beverage are included. Each quote describes what is included on that specific treatment or surgery.

Our medical treatment quote will not include airfares , any unforeseen complications that may arise from the surgery or any other cause. This is not limited to but an example of this is additional stay in hospital, further unplanned surgery or consultations with other specialists. There are no additional fees or hidden costs.

What mission and accreditations does IMED hospitals have?
Our mission is to offer specialized health care to those patients who put their trust in us, by providing them with efficient and effective personalized services, using the latest technology and meeting the highest quality standards. Our commitment to our patients is guaranteed by the involvement and dedication of all our staff and by our certification of its Integrated Quality Management and Environment System in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001. IMED Levante has been recognized as the best private hospital of the province for 2013.
What insurance companies does IMED hospitals work?
IMED hospitals works with the majority of international companies you can benefit from different hospitalization policies from your insurance. You will have at your disposition access to our prestigious hospitals and we will provide you with the latest medical treatments and the most sophisticated diagnosis means.
Other questions you might want to ask to your doctor

• What is our experience in performing this type of procedure?
• How frequently and when did we last perform this type of procedure?
• What is our success rate for this procedure?
• What qualifications does your doctor hold, and where did he receive them?
• How much recovery time will you need? What can you do during this period?

These questions will be responded during your first consultation, since the answers will vary depending on the treatment you will receive.