Are you trying to get pregnant and you have infertility problems? Maybe you need a fertility treatment and you have been comparing prices of different fertility clinics in different countries. Keep in mind that having a baby is priceless, but you may have to face some tough decisions about fertility treatment cost when it comes to choosing the treatment that is right for you.

Fertility treatments cost varies by countries and fertility clinics. Fertility treatments abroad are often far cheaper than United Kingdom. In addition to treatment, we must keep in mind other indirect costs such as drugs and tests during the treatment, travel and accommodation costs and health insurance costs.

You also need to compare other factors, such as the quality and safety offered by the clinic, the waiting times and value-added services (24/7 emergency care, multilingual nursing service or hospital transfers to the hotel and the airport).

Fertility Treatment Cost

The fertility treatment price will vary with the type of treatment and services included. When comparing fertility treatments prices, yo need to ask what is included in the headline cost.

It is important that a specialist in reproductive medicine advise you on personalized treatment for your situation. Some fertility clinics charge about 200-250 GPB for this initial consultation.

Doctor may require some tests for your first visit to analyze your situation. They can be done on the same clinic. Some of this tests may be included in the final price (gynecological check-up and ultrasound scans), but others may not be included, such as blood tests, serology, karyotype or homonal profile. They may increase the final price in 500 GPB.

Most drugs required for fertility treatment are usually included in the final price, but some of them depend on the doctor prescription, like egg donor medication or drugs prescribed for stimulating the ovaries. These drugs cost around 800-1.000 GBP at most fertility clinics.

The fertility treatment usually includes doctor and embryologist fees, theatre charges, endometrial preparation, egg collection, sperm sample preparation, embryo transfers, anaesthetics, pharmaceutical material, nursing, recovery and other services. But some services can be an extra. For example, cryopreservation of the remaining viable embryos and maintaining them can be not included and this cost around 400-500 GPB per year. Assisted hatching can add around 300 GPB. Intracytoplasmatic sperm injection (ICSI) cost around 300 GPB. You should ask fertility clinics which services are included in the fertility treatment cost.

Country and fertility clinic value-added services

As well as comparing fertility treatment cost, you must keep in mind some value-added services. The more you pay, the better health care service you will get, so it is up to you to find the right balance.

It is important to consider the quality of health care in the country. Factors such as weather, tourist attention, security or trust must be important. Also you must compare the fertility clinic experience, their success rates, the quality of its facilities, their customer service, waiting times and other value-added services that the fertility clinic can be offer, such as transfers to the hotel and the airport, emergency care or multilingual nursing service.

Travel and accommodation abroad

In addition to fertility treatment, one of the biggest factors that dilutes the savings made at fertility clinics abroad is the travel and accommodation cost. Fertility clinics near international airports with regular flights with United Kingdom or cities with an excellent selection of hotels and apartments can be cheaper. For example, India offers some lowest prices for fertility treatments, but is a long haul flight from United Kingdom. By contrast, places like Benidorm in Spain can be surprisingly affordable for a fertility treatment, with great cheap hotels and apartments and regular flights between Alicante and United Kingdom.

Standard travel insurance will not cover you if you are travelling abroad to have medical treatment. Therefore, it is highly recommended travel to hire a travel insurance and a medical complications insurance, which covers you if anything goes wrong with your treatment abroad.

Comparing prices for fertility treatments abroad

In conclusion, comparing prices for fertility treatments is not the only factor to consider. You should never choose a fertility clinic where you do not feel comfortable with just because it is cheaper. You must evaluate many factors, especially the quality of health care and the offered service.

Request without obligation all necessary information before you decide to make a fertility treatment abroad to get pregnant. At IMED Hospitales will advise you on the best fertility treatment for you. Remember that the first appointment is free and you can get flight tickets to come to Spain to know us.