VITA reproductive medicine center placed in Spain has been helping lesbian and single women have children of their own for several years. Same sex couples and single women can become parents through various channels as donor insemination, coparenting or adoption.

All the studies that have been done recently have always demonstrate that these children are just as loved and supported as those of any other family. Furthermore scientific research has been generally consistent in showing that gay and lesbian parents are as fit and capable as heterosexual parents. Children from gay parents are as psychologically healthy and well-adjusted as children raised by typical family.

Many children of gay parents see their families as special and different though some feel that their families are a lot closer than other people´s families. The most important issue to the children is that their relationship with their parents is a good one.

Nowadays we could say that there is no such thing as a typical family. Some children have a mum and a dad, others have a monoparental family, some of them live with their grandparents and others with the uncles. And some have 2 mums, a dad and grandparents.

Some young people keep their families a secret from everyone and they find this stressfull. If in the schools or colleges do not take care of creating a tolerant ambience they will not avoid homophobic bullying.

Sometimes it s complex for same-sex parents to explain to the children how they were conceived. Now a days the number of babies born using IVF (in vitro fertilisation) or ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection, another technique used in assisted reproduction) has more than quadrupled in the past two decades, with around 13,000 born in 2006. As many as five million babies have been born using IVF since it was first used in 1978. Assisted conception is certainly becoming a reality for an increasing number families. And the stigma surrounding having IVF treatment is not real anymore.

You can consult fertility treatments for same-sex couples offered by IMED Hospitals, especially the ROPA method  treatment, that allows married same sex female couples to both participate in the important act of creating a family.