If you and your partner are considering having a baby, you have to be conscious that it is a big step although is the most rewarding things in life.

It will not just happen by accident, therefore you will seek help from a licensed fertility clinic. The decision about how you are going to get pregnant is a big one. The are many advantages in choosing a licensed fertility clinic, like you can pinpoint the precise moment of ovulation so that we inseminate you with the sperm and therefore it is more likely to conceive.

We are sure that you do not want to spend years trying to conceive at home. The fertility specialist will take a lot of the worry out from you. You can probably check at your NHS , don’t assume that because you are lesbian you will not receive it.

In a private clinic you will be paying full costs for any treatment that you receive and this can be expensive, although there exists special prices for sequent cycles. Our patients tell us that they prefer to come to us since they feel treated equally and more confident.

If you are choosing a private clinic to get pregnant

To choose the private clinic that will be treating you it is a hard task, not all the clinics offer the specific treatment that you require. It exists an organization that licenses all fertility clinics in Spain and holds data on things like our success rates. This is the Spanish Fertility Society website http://nuevo.sefertilidad.com/

The Spanish law has establish that a donor can not produce more than six births from his donations for egg and sperm. Sperm donation is only permitted by anonymous donation. Surrogacy is not allowed. Fertility clinics work with a sperm bank , the law requires that any donted sperm needs to be frozen for six months and the donor then re-tested before it can be used.

Using a donor from a clinic removes a lot of the worry about safety and his fertility as his sperm will be tested.

Finally to donate eggs for your partner is a way for both mothers to have a biological connection to the child when only one can carry the foetus. The non-birth mother will have to take medicine to help her menstrual cycle synchronise with the birth mother.