Nowadays, many women choose to delay childbearing for personal, family or work reasons. However, we must keep in mind that a woman’s ability to conceive reduces with age especially after the age of 40.

The most realistic option for older women is IVF treatment with egg donation. In some cases, future mothers find it hard to imagine having a baby from an unknown egg donor and they decide to try IVF with their own egg, which in general has a very low success rate. In any case, a IVF over 40 may be the only choise.

We have to be conscious that it is the egg chromosomal integrity that determines whether the embryo will have the potential to develop into a healthy baby. Women’s ovaries run out of eggs and stop ovulating, usually about 6 years before the menopause arrives.

A woman over 40 years old has more than 90% of her eggs incompetent

In order to develop a competent embryo, the woman’s egg must have a full contingent of chromosomes, here the age of the woman has a very important impact.

For example in woman over 35 years of age, fewer than 50% of woman’s mature eggs will have enough quality to develop a competent embryo, the other 50% will be incompetent. In the case of women over 40 years old, they have more than 90% of her eggs incompetent. Therefore they must consider ivf treatments over 40 years.

The embryos that fail to develop normally and those that do not attach to the uterine lining or even result in a chromosomal abnormality baby like Down Syndrome come from the denominated “incompetent embryos”.

IVF over 40

Older woman have different options within the fertility treatments. They can choose between IVF with egg donation or there is an alternative which is Cryopreserved embryo adoption.

Embryo banking involves a process where by several blastocysts are accumulated (stockpiled) over two or more IVF cycles. After each such cycle, the embryos are biopsied for CGH analysis, taken to the blastocyst stage of development and then vitrified (ultra-rapidly frozen and banked). All biopsy specimens accumulated over several such cycles are held for as long as it takes to complete the scheduled IVF egg retrieval cycles, whereupon they are collectively dispatched for a single CGH analysis . When the results return, the “incompetent” (CGH-abnormal) embryos are discarded while the “competent” ones are stored cryopreserved for a subsequent embryo transfer. With this method, the transfer of even a single competent embryo is capable of achieving almost a 70% chance of a viable pregnancy, regardless of the age of the woman.

The required treatment for women is very simple and takes little time (ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval are not necessary), we just have to prepare the endometrium and by ultrasound we show the correct time for the transfer. The visits to the fertility clinic will be reduced significantly and the cost of treatment is much lower.

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