The traditional family model – father, mother and children from both of them – has expanded enormously in recent decades to include new family models, such as single-parent families, children from different partners, adopted children and homosexual couples.

In some European countries, women without partner (single, divorced and widow) or with a female partner (lesbian) have been able to have children via artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization with donor semen for over 30 years now. The partner of the inseminated woman lacks any legal recognition or participation in this family.

Fortunately, legislation on assisted reproduction is more flexible in Spain than in other european countries, allowing specific reproduction treatments for women without partner or with a female partner.

According to the current Spanish legislation, “Every woman over 18 years with full legal capacity may be the recipient or user of the techniques covered in this law regardless of their marital status and sexual orientation”.

ROPA Tecnique for lesbian couples

In Spain, the rights of homosexual couples were equalized with those of heterosexual couples (Law 13/2005) in 2005. This law has made it possible for both women in a lesbian couple to participate in the act of creating a family: one of the women in the couple to give her eggs (the genetic material that is passed on to the baby), and the other woman will carry the pregnancy. This fertility treatment is known as ROPA technique, Reception of Oocytes from PArtner.

Spain is considered a reference in ROPA technique. The first baby obtained via this in vitro fertilization for lesbian couples was born in Spain.

ROPA technique is comparable to an ovule donation process. All women involved have given their written consent. In this case, the female couple will be sharing motherhood. ROPA technique allows biological lesbian co-mothers.

Reproduction treatments for single women without partner

Our society has changed in recent decades and therefore it is no longer an anecdote to meet single women undergoing fertility treatments in order to fulfill their dream of becoming mothers, many women face their final fertile years without a steady partner with whom to have a child.

The full incorporation of women into the labor market, the couple breaks become more frequent and acceptance by society to be a single mother, encouraged these women to cope with motherhood alone.

For single women who want to be a mother, Spanish legislation allows

  • Artificial insemination with donor sperm
  • IVF with donor sperm
  • With donor sperm Egg Donation
  • Embrioadoption


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