An increasing number of UK couples decide to undergo IVF treatment abroad. Sometimes this is because certain types of treatment are not available in their home countries or because of long waiting lists on NHS or simply for economic reasons.

There are a huge number of countries to choose from when it comes to IVF treatment abroad, being Spain the main destinations for IVF in Europe. According to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), about 35% to 40% of European IVF treatments abroad are taking place in Spain. The beautiful weather, warm temperatures and sea views are not the only factors to choose Spain for fertility treatment.

IVF in Spain: Benefits

Many people are encouraged by the affordable IVF prices, high IVF success rates and the fact that in Spain there are no waiting lists for this procedures, besides that Spain has an excellent tourist infrastructure and has the world’s seventh best medical system, according to the WHO.

Some benefits of Spain as a IVF destination are:

  • IVF clinics in Spain with excellent success rates.
  • Affordable IVF in Spain. You can find fertility treatment from 2.250 EUR.
  • No waiting lists. starting as soon as you prefer.
  • Anonymous egg donation in Spain, selected according to the patients physical characteristics.
  • Modern private hospitals, with with cutting edge facilities and equipment, fertility specialized professionals and in some cases an International Personal Patient Assistant 24/7 in your language.
  • Medical tourism destination, with accommodation, transfers and other services. You may combine your IVF treatment and holidays in Costa Blanca Spain.

Affordable IVF Treatment Cost

The price of IVF in Spain is affordable, saving up to 40-60% of the costs compared to similar treatment in United Kingdom, even when you include the price of flights and accommodation.

IVF-ICSI in UK 5.200 EUR
IVF-ICSI with egg donation in UK 8.800 EUR
IVF-ICSI in Spain 3.960 EUR
IVF-ICSI with egg donation in Spain  5.160 EUR


Other countries attract patients with lower IVF price, but their healthcare facilities are not quite up to the same standard as you would expect to undergo fertility treatment. It is also wise to be quite careful when looking at prices offered by some clinics abroad, because often initial headline prices may not reveal the full cost.

IVF in Spain: General overview

Spain is a popular destination for fertility tourism thanks to the open minded attitude towards IVF and other forms of assisted reproduction, which is enshrined in law, allowing anyone access to fertility treatment. This includes unmarried couples, singles and lesbians.

One of the most popular treatments for infertile couples from the UK is IVF with egg donation in Spain. The reason behind that is a large number of egg donors, who are ensured total anonymity, being all donors tested for any diseases. In any case, parents will be given the age and blood type, and offspring will be provided with non-identifying information to help find genetic siblings. Additionally, donors are limited to only six live births.

Spain is considered a reference in ROPA technique (Reception of Oocytes from PArtner), also known as Shared Motherhood. The rights of homosexual couples in Spain have made it possible for both women in a lesbian couple to participate in the act of creating a family: one of the women in the couple to give her eggs (the genetic material that is passed on to the baby), and the other woman will carry the pregnancy.

If you are considering IVF treatment in Spain, you may answer your questions through our IMED International Patient Assistant Department. With a team of experienced physicians, nurses and embryologists, our fertility clinics in Spain provide world-class care in modern private hospitals with the highest pregnancy rates possible.