Getting pregnant with
Fertility Treatments in Spain

In just 1 month you can be pregnant

  • Specialist in Reproductive Medicine.
  • Affordable IVF in Spain.
  • First free consultation.
  • No waiting lists.
  • Hospital transfers to the
    hotel and the airport.
  • Your IVF treatment and
    holidays in Spain.

In Vitro Fertilization Cost in Spain

Free Consultation

We will call you whenever it is convenient for you. The first consultation with our IVF specialists is free.


Getting pregnant with In Vitro Fertilization in Spain

Getting pregnant with In Vitro Fertilization

1 Plan your trip

  • No waiting lists, when you prefer.
  • Medical consultation with a specialist in reproductive medicine (Via phone/Skype or in person).
  • Review of reports related to previous fertility treatments.
  • Hospital transfers to the hotel and the airport.

2 Your visit

  • Complete gynecological check-up (including vaginal ultrasound).
  • Formulation of patient’s medical history and personalized medical report.
  • Explanation of the assisted reproductive treatment procedure in your language.
  • Performance of analytical and ultrasound scans during patient’s treatment.
  • Endometrial preparation.

3 In vitro fecundation (IVF) treatment in Spain

  • Oocyte donation.
  • Assistance with problems of andrological and/or embryological nature.
  • Exclusive fresh egg donation “One egg donor for one egg recipient”
  • Sperm sample preparation.
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).
  • Assisted hatching (if required).
  • Daily checks of embryonic development.
  • Embryo transfer in the operating theatre.
  • Recovery a separate room after the embryo transfer procedure.
  • Embryo freezing including first year’s storage.
  • Pharmaceutical materials.
  • Multilingual nursing services.
  • Follow-up consultation and Telephone follow-up consultation.

International experience in health care

At IMED hospitals more than 10,000 surgical interventions have been performed, and approximately 500,000 patients from more than 20 different countries have been treated throughout the year.

Anonymous donation abroad

In Spain oocyte donation is altruistic in its nature, anonymous and fully legal. An egg donor will be selected according to the patients physical characteristics.  

Personal Patient Assistant

At IMED every patient will be assigned to one of our personal assistants, whom the patient will be able to reach 24/7. Should the patient have any questions, complaints or comments, their personal assistant will assist them at all times.  

Accommodation, transfers and other services…

Spain is one of the best destinations for health tourism abroad. To facilitate the whole treatment process we have assembled a special package. VITA will take care of all the necessities, such as accommodation, transfers, etc. to make the treatment as easy and as pleasant as possible.

  • Complete privacy
  • Personal Assistance
  • Maximum guarantee

More information testimonial ivf

There is a big difference between having a partner and having a family. I reached the moment of my life when I was ready to become a mother. After 2 years of trying to conceive I started worrying. My gyn suggested a fertility treatment. And due to my age I had to consider egg donation. I came across a possibility of going through ivf with anonymous egg donation. A whole range of countries offered this service, however, Spain was the most attractive choice for me given that I’ve been to Spain before. VITA helped me a great lot. A special thanks for their psychological support, too!

Caroline Smith