Over the last few years, the Spanish healthcare system has improved very rapidly, gaining a high degree of well-deserved pride from both administration and medical practitioners. American and British patients stand to benefit much from Spain’s vast medical offerings.

With so much to offer it is of no surprise that in the World Health Report of 2000 the World Health Organization placed Spanish health system on the 7th rank. The same report states that Spanish are the second-most satisfied with their health care system Europeans.

Additionally to its great health care system Spain is blessed with a distinct Mediterranean climate. Due to presence of beaches and mountains the air is charged with negative ions, which are believed to lead to a biochemical reaction helping to increase serotonin levels in our bodies. Serotonin is a significant hormone which regulates our mood. In other words, the more serotonin is released into one’s bloodstream, the happier the person is. This has a significant impact upon people suffering from nervous tensions and depressions.

Spain has a lot to offer in terms of medical care. There are more than 750 hospitals, 1.21 million beds and 450,000 doctors and nurses who perform up to 2.4 million surgeries per year. Moreover, Spanish health industry has an excellent reputation for the essential post-operative care. And it is not to forget that in Spain you can find every possible medical specialty. This is why every year millions of tourists seeking medical treatment visit Spain.

The main aim of spanish hospitals is to offer specialized health care by providing the patients with efficient and effective personalized services according to the highest quality standards while employing the latest technology.

The excellent reputation of Spain’s healthcare workers is known beyond the country’s borders. Some European countries are now looking for Spanish doctors and nurses to work in their health centres and hospitals. Recently, Brazil has shown a great interest in hiring Spanish family doctors with English language skills.

To gain valuable experience and recognition within their field of expertise, Spanish doctors treat patients in the public centers. This greatly helps both public and private medical centers in Spain.

Our medical treatments have a lower cost than those of other European countries. Besides, the current abundance of flights across Europe allows for a good and easy connection to almost any destination in Spain.