More and more British people are being hospitalised abroad in popular holiday destinations such as Costa Blanca in Spain. IMED Hospitales Group is a reference in private health care in Spain, offering high quality, customised health care with cutting edge facilities and equipment.

The design of IMED hospitals wards has been carried out to guarantee the utmost comfort possible for patients and relatives during hospitalization.

IMED Levante Hospital in Benidorm has four hospital wards consists of 27 rooms and one suite with a private lounge. 112 hospital rooms to offer maximum comfort to patients and relatives.

IMED Elche Hospital initially comprises of 98 individual rooms (8 of which are suites) that are divided over 3 hospital wards. In a second phase of expansion, a further ward will be created in the actual building bringing the total number of rooms to 140.

IMED-levante-med_1 IMED-elche-med

IMED Valencia Hospital will have 210 single rooms, 32 of which will be suites spread over 8 inpatient units with cutting edge equipment and the highest standards of quality and comfort for the patient. IMED Murcia Hospital will provide 179 private rooms.

Hospital rooms with the the latest technology

  • Electrically Articulated Bed
  • Complete en-suite bathroom (with intercom system connected to Nurses Station)
  • Temperature control for heating and air conditioning
  • Interactive Communication System
  • Sofa bed for the use of relatives
  • Writing desk
  • Points for medical gasses, oxygen and vacuum supply
  • Wireless access to Internet and Intranet
  • Individual e-mail
  • Digital TV with international channels
  • Radio and in-house music
  • Telephone

Each patient will be offered the use of an electronic tablet in their room during their stay. The MedicalPad can be operated from the bed ensuring that every patient can communicate with the nurses’ station as well as having direct access to internet, social websites, TV, a list of movies, video calls and a menu selection according to individualised prescribed diets. The MedicalPad further allows the doctors and nurses to have instant access to the patients medical history from their bed as well as the ability to connect to the various medical devices throughout the Hospital.

IMED Elche Hospital Rooms

IMED Levante Hospital Rooms

International Patient Department

IMED Hospitales Group treats thousands of international patients each year, offering specialized health care to all the patients. IMED provides an International Patient Department to assist patients and relatives in any possible way with medical treatments abroad.

If you wish to receive care at IMED Hospitals in Spain, you will have at your disposal a patient assistant who will assist you in your language in all that needs to be done so that you can see a specialist and have a high quality medical treatment, without waiting lists.

international patients hospital

  • We speak your language: Spanish, English, Dutch, French, German, Norwegian, Russian, Arabic.
  • We handle the management of all documentation to not have to worry about anything.
  • Help and advice regarding travel arrangements. You may find it easier to book a package holiday or flights from the UK are available from most regional airports to Alicante airport in Spain throughout the year.
  • We provide you with a transfer too your chosen accommodation near the hospital. IMED will advise regarding hotels and apartments closeby and can also offer special prices at some hotels. (consult us)
  • Modern private hospitals, always at the forefront of the latest technologies, with a medical team of reputable professionals. We hold both of the following quality certificates, ISO 9001 and 14001.
  • We are located on the Costa Blanca. The Costa Blanca region is famous for its natural beauty, and has long since been a popular holiday destination. Combine treatment with holiday.
  • TV channels.
  • Electronic tablet in their room during their stay.
  • Free wifi in hospital to remain connected with friends and family.