IMED Hospitales is a health care group that was set up to develop a network of private hospitals offering high quality, customized health care with cutting edge facilities and equipment, both through ownership and management.

IMED Hospitales has quickly earned a professional reputation, and nowadays is a reference in private health care in our area (Alicante , Spain ). After ten years of experience, our activity indicators keep increasing both in clinical effectiveness and economic growth and, it has established itself as a benchmark for private health care throughout the province.

IMED’s values

The fundamental values of IMED Hospitales  are related with our main concern, caring for our patients, which is the main job of the professionals that make up our organization.

Our identity is based on:

  • Customer Orientation. Patients are at the heart of everything that we do at IMED Hospitales. Our staff works to satisfy and fully cover the needs of every patient, solve their problems, and fully meet their expectations. Our customer service team speaks more than 8 languages and have medical knowledge, in order to assist you with anything you might need.
  • Quality Orientation. We aim to achieve excellence through quality in everything our team does. Our professional performance reflects our staff’s commitment to efficiency, dedication and quality and our strict compliance with all regulations and standards established to provide the highest quality of service.
  • Initiative and continuous improvement. Our hospitals are staffed by professionals with a passion for achievement and teamwork, thereby continually generating new ideas and suggestions for improvement. A positive attitude towards change and the ongoing renewal of processes and technologies enable us to improve the efficiency of our work and the services we deliver.
  • Commitment. Engagement, respect, ethical conduct and humane treatment are the key principles of the staff who work in IMED Hospitales. Through our work we adopt, uphold and promote these values, with the wellbeing of our patients being of the utmost importance. We believe that we offer the maximum quality to guarantee the best value for our patients money.