The medical team led by Dr. Juan Carlos Ferragut Bria has successfully performed regenerative medicine in hospitals IMED Levante (Benidorm) and IMED Elche, a specialty designed to accelerate recovery of injuries by the application of plasma rich in growth factors that regenerates tissue in practically half the time than other conventional medical treatments. This form of therapy is applied to athletes of high level, such as the tennis player Rafael Nadal or football players Xavi Hernandez and Victor Valdes.

The technique involves the extraction of the patient ‘s own blood , and then after the scrapping of immature platelets, growth factors are applied directly into the lesion, with the particularity that the patient sees his own blood at all times. After the treatment and centrifugation of the plasma, in specific circumstances and sterility revolutions, the richest in platelets are applied by injection, using ultrasound control.

“The treatment works very well, especially in tendon disease and chronic inflammatory problems”, said Doctor Ferragut, which has shown that “the period of recovery from injuries can be halved”. The ideal patient is a person between 40 and 50 years who participates in sport and for various reasons has a tendon, bone, muscle, joint pain or ligament injury and needs a quick recovery and a fast stable tissue regeneration. Using a standard treatment of three applications of this unique technique, one per week ,of plasma rich in growth factors clearly we succeed in improving the conditions in which they can return to the sport.

Another peculiarity of the treatment that doctor Ferragut want’s to make notice of is that in the unit of Biomedicine and Regenerative Medicine IMED  the use of growth factors is performed under sterile conditions in an operating room, both for athletes and for general patients in order to shorten the recovery.

Although Dr. Ferragut, says ” We are at the beginning of what the stem cell treatment will be at all kinds of injuries and illnesses , ” the PRGF (Plasma Rich in growth factors)  is also used in other areas of medicine such as aesthetics , oral surgery , dentistry and ophthalmology.

The medical team of Dr. Ferragut uses in his treatments BTI products developed by BTI Biotechnology Institute . This groundbreaking medical center has ensured that the Plasma Rich in Growth Factors were recognized as a medicine by the Spanish Agency of Medicines on May 23, 2013