- Dr. Andreu leads the team of this alternative invasive surgery and , tumors of the head and neck , lung , liver and spine can be treaten without hospitalization. 

IMED Elche Hospital is the first medical center in the province of Alicante applying fractionated stereo tactical radiotherapie , a radiation technique consisting administering an effective dose of the radiation over a difined volume, by a high accuracy and high gradient dosis with narrow beams and shaped structures which normal tissues where the lowest possible dose of radiation is received . The novelty lies in the use of the technique of volumetric arcoterápica RapidArcTM Varian which is a treatment with a significant reduction in the time that the patient is in the treatment chamber.

These therapies have an effective response in patients in approximately 80-90 % of cases , thanks to the greater tolerance of the treatment due to fractionation , resulting in lower side and give in 3 to 8 sessions , the same results as in conventional treatments without hospitalization and avoiding many movements of the patient to the medical center .

Dr. Francisco José Andreu Martinez is the one that leads the team of six people who are educated in Switzerland , the UK and Germany, consisting of radiation oncologists , radiation physicists , senior technicians in radiotherapy , as well as a nurse .

“Before treatments begins we correct physical abnormalities during application and quality control systems for image – guidance allowing an individual and adapted conformation for each patient” said Dr. Andreu .

For treatment planning it is necessary to define the CT simulation. Appropriately the size and shape of the tumor to be treated It allows the planning EclipseTM , image fusion to other imaging techniques such as MRI , PET , and other TAC studies.