The Comprensieve unity against obesity of IMED Hospitals has become one of the pioneer centers nationwide to the POSE technique, a revolutionary intervention that can treat patients with obesity problems, to act on the inside of the stomach orally.

The method POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal Endoluminal of Primary Obesity Surgery) is currently the least invasive surgical option and safer to treat overweight and obesity. The procedure is performed endoscopically (via a tube inserted orally) without incisions. The technique involves performing a number of folds with surgical sutures in the stomach which provides a hormonal effect on satiety during feeding, and causes a delay of gastric emptying.

Dr. Juan Antonio Casellas Valde, the specialist responsible for the operation, noted that “to reduce by a series of folds  the patients stomach to get by eating a smaller amount of food to feel full the size of the stomach” and wished to point out that “the result is similar to bariatric surgery, which up to now has been done, with the difference that the endoscopic approach allows us to use much less invasive and less aggresive treatment with the patient.” With the introduction of this technique, in the province, IMED Elche Hospital established itself as one of the leaders at the national level for this type of intervention.