Dr. Pérez Vicente, a Specialist in General Surgery at the Hospital IMED, specialises in this technique, involving local transanal resection with mechanical sutures.

Doctor Pérez told us that: “Localized surgery for cancer of the rectum, generally carried out transanally, is suitable for cases of cancer of the rectum that are detected early and which have not spread to neighboring organs or achieved distant metastasis, as well as for other benign tumors. If the procedure is successful, it avoids the need for abdominal surgery or a colostomy in the case of tumors close to the anal margin, offering instead a much less invasive procedure, which can be carried out under a local anaesthetic (epidural or intradural), associated with a lower rate of complications, shorter hospital stay, earlier post-operative recovery and greater quality of life.”

In the near future, the Hospital IMED Levante also intends to expand the range of services available in the field of Coloproctology by introducing TEM (Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery), a minimally invasive surgical technique that is more precise and allows for intraluminal surgery to be performed on rectal tumors and other pathologies up to 20-25 cm above the anal margin. This will make it the first Private Centre in the province of Alicante to have access to this technology.
TEM offers various advantages over a traditional transanal resection, by offering improved visualisation and exposition, allowing for more precise tumour resection. Although the technique is used primarily for selected cases of rectal tumour, both benign and malignant, TEM can also be used for palliative surgery on patients who are not suitable for a more invasive procedure and for very advanced tumours where radical surgery is not feasible as a cure.