Dialysis generally refers to removing waste (diffusion) and excess water (ultrafiltration) from the patient’s blood. It is also aimed at maintaining a healthy balance of certain chemicals such as potassium and sodium in one’s blood. This, in turn, helps to achieve normal blood pressure.

Generally, doctors differentiate between two types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. The earlier implies the use of an artificial kidney (hemodialyzer) to remove waste and surplus fluids from patient’s blood. The latter, in contrast, is aimed at cleaning the patient’s blood inside their body by inserting a plastic tube (catheter) into the patient’s abdominal area (peritoneal cavity) which is filled with dialysate during the treatment.

Who needs dialysis?

Potential patients for dialysis are those, who suffer from kidney malfunction, i.e., chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, or kidney failure (when about 80 to 90 per cent of kidney function is lost), etc.

What we offer?

IMED Hospitals seeks to provide its patients with the highest quality treatments. To this end we have the following:

  • All types of dialysis procedures depending on every individual case
  • Twelve dialysis stations equipped with Bellco’s Formula® Therapy
  • Last generation water-treatment plant

We also have a centralized system to facilitate and ensure the quality of our services and comfort for both our patients and healthcare workers.
During every dialysis session a doctor will be present in order to provide the patient with immediate attention in case of any complications. Further, our patients will get:

  • 24/7 emergency care during their state
  • Multilingual nursing service (available in English, German and Dutch)
  • A spacious and modern hospital room divided into different sections to ensure more privacy during the treatment
  • An individual TV set with channels in different languages
  • Free Wi-Fi internet
  • Free newspaper
Cathering, “I would like to extend my experience at dialysis has been very comfortable and pleasant”

Cathering, “I would like to extend my experience at dialysis has been very comfortable and pleasant”

I would like to extend my experience at dialysis has been very comfortable and pleasant I would like to say a big thankyou to Natasha, Patricia and Pedro.

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Mrs. Colwill, Dialysis on holiday in Benidorm

Since starting dialysis 2 years ago I had not been on holiday. But coming to Benidorm and having my dialysis at the IMED Hospital Levante. The staff are so friendly nothing is a bother to them.

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Our medical experts

Our Dialysis team at IMED Levante consists of highly experienced professionals. The team consists of nurses and medical assistants who specialize in dialysis. The head of this team is the famous nephrologist Dr. Jose Perez Manso.

Dr. Jose Perez Manso has a great amount of experiences in working with dialysis patients, offering them the best medical treatment possible. Due to availability of high-quality equipment by renowned brands like Bellco’s Formula® Therapy for haemodiafiltration, Dr. Perez Manso guarantees a dialysis procedure of the highest quality and in compliance with IMED’s safety standards and general hygiene guidelines.

Our centers

Our Dialysis Center is located at our IMED Levante Hospital, in the tourist area of Benidorm.

Established in 2010 the Dialysis Center has the newest equipment and facilities that meet the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards (TÜV Rheinland certificate).


The strategic location of our Dialysis center enables our patients not only to undergo a medical treatment, but also to enjoy the beautiful city of Benidorm.

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