Nowadays, many women choose to delay childbearing for personal, family or work reasons. However, we must keep in mind that after 35 years the female fertility decreases as the quantity and quality of oocytes decreases.

We are also increasingly receiving more often young women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and after undergoing chemotherapy treatments or radiation, meet sterility problems arising from cancer treatment.

In VITA we have a program of female fertility preservation by vitrification of oocytes to avoid severe infertility problems.


  • Young women who want to delay motherhood.
  • Young women who are to receive treatments of chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy.
  • Patients with autoimmune diseases.
  • Young women with severe endometriosis.
  • Couples who are undergoing an in vitro fertilization treatment and do not want cryopreserved embryos.


The treatment of fertility preservation includes the following phases:

Ovarian stimulation
We begin treatment with ovarian stimulation, where we use a number of hormones similar to those produced by the woman herself (gonadotropins). The goal is the development of multiple follicles to obtain a high numer of oocytes and thus increase the chances of success. The stimulation is regularly monitored by ultrasound and blood tests.
Ovulation induction

After several follicles have reached the right size (18 mm diameter) HCG hormone is administered to trigger final oocyte maturation, which will occur after 34-36 hours and that is when will be performed the follicular puncture.

Follicular puncture
Under sedation, the fertility specialist removes mature oocytes by follicular puncture and vaginally. The oocyte retrieval is a minimally invasive procedure that normally takes less than 15 minutes. Generally, patients can resume normal activities the next day.
Vitrification of oocytes
Vitrification is a technique in which the cells are frozen in a way Ultrafast (passing from 37 ° C to -196 ° C in a few seconds). With the help of specific tools (cryoprotectants) the water inside oocyte is replaced so that the cell structures are not damaged by the formation of crystals. Vitrified oocytes are stored in suitable tanks containing liquid nitrogen and kept at the temperature -196 ° C.
IVF Treatment with vitrified oocytes
Once women will use the cryopreserved oocyte, the thawing will take place.

Later on they would be inseminated by ICSI with the partner’s sperm or donor. The embryos with improved morphological characteristics will be passed on to the patient that will have receive previous endometrial preparation. Days later perform a pregnancy test using a blood test.

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You know what…

  • According to a survey in 2010 by the National Research Council, 60% of women say that having children is an obstacle to the development of their careers. This is one of the main reasons that lead young women to freeze oocytes for future use.

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