Oocyte donation, a healthy young woman decides to donate her oocytes altruistic to assisted reproduction centers to be used by other women or couples who have fertility problems.

The donated oocyte insemination can be performed with the sperm of the partner of the receiver or anonymous donor sperm.

In VITA we have a team of specialists to carry out the selection of oocyte donors and their subsequent coordination with the receiver.


  • Premature ovarian failure.
  • Women with menopause or old age.
  • Repeated failure implantation of the embryo.
  • The failure of other assisted reproductive techniques.
  • Repeated abortions.
  • Severe maternal genetic disorders not treatable by other means and high risk of transmission.
  • Women who have undergone treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


An oocyte donation treatment is complex because you have to select and coordinate next menstrual cycles of two women, the donor and the receiver of the oocytes, combine them phenotypically and immunologically. The process would involve the following steps:

  • Selection of the oocyte donor
  • Synchronization with the receiver
  • Ovarian stimulation and ovulation induction
  • Follicular punction
  • Post-puncture control.

Stages of treatment for the receiver

At the same time the receiver gets treated for endometrial preparation to receive the embryos.

For this, there is an injection of a GnRH analogue on day 22 of the menstrual cycle for the desensitization of the pituitary gland and when menstruation begins, she gets started with estrogen treatment, increasing dose to achieve the proper thickness of the endometrium that will be judged by vaginal ultrasound. As soon as the endometrium is grown, the embryo transfer will be carried out. In order to facilitate the embryo implantation progesterone will be administered vaginally.

  • Insemination of oocytes, fertilization, embryo culture and embryotransfer.
  • Pregnancy

Fertility clinics in Spain

Medical Team

Susana Sempere - Gynaecology

Dr. Susana Sempere Ferri

Antonio Moya - Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Antonio Moya

Eva Moreno

Dr. Eva María Moreno Ruiz

Jose Manuel Lozano - Gynaecology

Dr. Jose Manuel Lozano

Romina Ramírez - Gynaecology

Dr. Romina Ramírez Melguizo

You know what…

  • The first pregnancy achieved through oocyte donation was mentioned in the literature in 1983 by the group Trouson and employees.
  • Oocyte donation in Spain is altruistic, anonymous and completely legal therefore we have a large number of couples coming for their fertility treatment abroad.
  • It is one of the simplest treatments for the patient, it is not necessary to undergo ovarian stimulation or oocyte puncture.
  • The receipt of oocytes is the reproduction technique with the best results. In general, the pregnancy rates are higher than 60% per cycle. Anyway, the real success of the treatment can be assessed in terms of the specific fertility problems of each pair.
  • Usually after the transfer, the patient will wait about an hour in the room of the fertility clinic. If your gynecologist does not indicates it rest is not needed after the transfer. There are no studies showing that rest increases the chance of pregnancy. Then, once home, they can carry out their normal life.

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