Our society has changed in the last decades and continues to change at a constant evolution. The model of “classic family” man, woman and child, have stepped to models of heterosexual families, homosexual families and one person families.  There is also a new tendence of going to other countries to get their treatment abroad.

It is every day more frequent that  female homosexual couples come to our clinic who want to start a family and that they can only get through assisted reproductive techniques as ivf.  Since marriage between persons of the same gender is recognized by law, we offer these women, not only the possibility of using a male donor to get pregnant, but the option of the reception of ovules of one’s partner. Today we face situations and desires so heterogeneous, that require answers and concrete solutions for each individual.


To start assisted reproduction treatment, we must first complete the medical history of the patient to be subjected to it and perform a gynecological exploration.  According to the results of the various analysis, personal and gynecological history and women age, we are faced with several options:

  • Artificial insemination with donor sperm
  • In vitro fertilization with donor sperm ( IVF Treatment)
  • Oocyte Donation with donor sperm
  • Embryo Adoption
  • Reception of ovocytes of the partner (ROPA technique): One of the women of the couple is the one that undergoes ovarian stimulation and puncture foliclar for collecting oocytes, these will be inseminated with donor sperm and the resulting embryo is transferred to the uterus of the partner.

Fertility clinics in Spain

Medical Team

Susana Sempere - Gynaecology

Dr. Susana Sempere Ferri

Antonio Moya - Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Antonio Moya

Eva Moreno

Dr. Eva María Moreno Ruiz

Jose Manuel Lozano - Gynaecology

Dr. Jose Manuel Lozano

Romina Ramírez - Gynaecology

Dr. Romina Ramírez Melguizo

You know what…

  • According to the current legislation in Spain today “all women over 18 and with full legal capacity may be the recipient or user of the techniques covered in this law regardless of marital status and sexual orientation”.
  • The application of assisted reproduction treatments by women with homosexual couple has been increased by the difficulties that arise when they want to adopt a child national or international.
  • Reception of ovules of the partner is a technique completely legal since 2005, which amends the Civil Code and equal rights with homosexual and heterosexual marriages.
  • Thus the reception of ovules of the partner is no longer a donation of gametes, but the members of the couple are sharing their gametes as occurs in a heterosexual marriage. Consequently, both women have the same rights and obligations about the baby without one of them having to adopt it.

Information about fertility treatments for lesbian couples in Spain