IMED dental is an advanced medical centre composed of a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled odontologists, providing a specialised assistance in different fields of dentistry and implantology. IMED Odontology has five personalized and equipped offices in accordance with the dentistry specialties practiced in them. They also have a very bright and pleasant environment in order to attend our patients.

The aim of IMED dental is to provide high quality personalised Odontology using the latest technology and having access to all our hospital services if they are needed. IMED Odontology guarantees to offer a specialised service to those patients that confide in us, ensuring quality, efficiency and results.

Dental implants cost in Spain is competitive and you will benefit from this advantage along with a professional dental service.

Our treatments

Minimally invasive implant procedure

By using this technique you can receive your implant rehabilitation with the greatest precision and accuracy.

Dental implants

Dental implants abroad are an effective solution for cosmetics and functional problems caused by loss or absence of one or more teeth.


We have all the knowledge in order to practice any type of dental surgery.

Imaging diagnosis

With our latest digital radiography equipment, Panoramic, Radiographs and CT enable us to plan out your case in 3D.


Means the devitalization of teeth in order to avoid infection and pain symptoms with persistent inflammation gum.


Bleeding gums is a disease that needs to be treated in order to avoid losing tooth support , we have an expertise doctor to treat your periodontal disease.


All types of conventional and implant prostheses are available.

Aesthetic odontology

Laser whitening, porcelain…

Paediatric dentistry

Dental monitoring in early ages such as 4 or 5 years is essential for enjoying in the future a beautiful and healthy smile.


Prevention is always the best treatment. To have healthy habits may help us to avoid dental and periodontal problem, in order to maintain a healthy mouth without any other additional treatments.


We offer the latest orthodontic treatment for conventional braces, Invisalign, and lingual orthodontics.

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