The multidisciplinary medical team consists of professionals from different oncological and surgical specialties with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment for the cure of cáncer.

The treatments and techniques offered by specialty are:

  • Breast and gynaecological tumours: breast cancer, ovarian cancer, sentinel lymph node, intraoperative ultrasound
  • Haematology: lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
  • Tumours of the prostate, bladder, kidney and testis: cancers of the prostate, kidney cancer ,anal cancer, bladder , bowel cancer and testis
  • Radio-oncology service: Novalis stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapies
  • Assessment , cancer treatment in spain and prevention of cancer.

Our treatments

The IMED Elche Hospital has one of the units of Oncology Radiation in Spain with more advanced equipment such as RapidArc Linear Accelerator , the module Image Guided OBI or Brachytherapy of High Rate .

Florence Merkel, “I’m still alive and kicking, thanks to the will of God and the capability of the IMED Hospital Staff”

Florence Merkel, “I’m still alive and kicking, thanks to the will of God and the capability of the IMED Hospital Staff”

I’m still alive and kicking, thanks to the will of God and the capability of Dr. Eduardo Revuelta Segura, Dr. Francisco Pérez Vicente, Dr. Joan Manel Gasent, Dr Maria Macia Soler and the wonderful nurses and the staff in the administration.

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RapidArc Linear Accelerator

RapidArc technology is the global benchmark for radiotherapy treatments . This technique ensures that treatments are faster and easier than those made with techniques that were being used until now as the traditional intensity-modulated (IMRT ) or 3D conformal radiotherapy technique .

The technique is based on the accelerator that emits a series of arch-shaped radiation that converge on the tumor.

The benefits of treatments with our advanced equipment are:

  • The treatment time is reduced since each session can last around three minutes.
  • Being shorter sessions , there is less natural motion of organs during irradiation.
  • The biological damage to tumor cells is higher , increasing the efficiency of the treatment , as it is more accurate to accelerate the cure for cancer.
  • Healthy tissue harmful side effects are reduced , making that the treatment is better tolerated by the patient. It could in some cases increase the dose to the tumor , achieving greater tumor control or even realizing concomitant with other treatments to improve survival .Together, it improves the patients quality of life .
  • A guided image on board allows to verify the position of the area to be irradiated by high-resolution imaging and low dose , allowing various acquisition modalities , such as 2D X-ray , fluoroscopy or computed tomography (CT ) Cone Beam 3D ( ConeBeamCT ) . This ensures the accuracy of treatment, to enable patient positioning correction .

Medical Team

Dr. Mertixell Vila Viñas

Dr. Meritxell Vila Viñas

Nestor Chinillach

Dr. Nestor Chinillach Ferrando

Carmen Ruíz - Radiophysicist

Dr. Carmen Ruíz Morales

Dr. Ricardo Tortosa

Dr. Ricardo Tortosa Oliver

Mónica Sánchez - Radiotherapy

Dr. Mónica Sánchez Sánchez

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