The timed intercourse is a simple reproduction technique in which ovulation is synchronized with sexual relations. Using a mild ovarian stimulation improves the woman’s natural ovulation and prepares the endometrium, the date of ovulation is calculated and the most appropriate time for sexual relations is indicated.

For the initiation of a cycle, it is necessary to check that the pair satisfies a number of conditions:

  • Ensure that there is no risk of infection for the partner and / or future baby through a potential risk of hepatitis B or C, HIV, rubella, syphilis, and toxoplasmosis. Using ultrasound to see if there is no uterine malformations and blood analysis to find possible hormonal pathologies.
  • The patency of the fallopian tubes to check for fertilization to garanty the passage of sperm and then see if the zygote reaches the uterus.
  • Check for sperm abnormalities
  • The age of the woman, which directly affects the success or failure. From the age of 36 is when they start to reduce the chances of pregnancy.


  • Lack of ovulation (anovulation).
  • Ovulatory disorders (disovulación).
  • Gland disorders that interfere with ovarian function.
  • Infertility of unknown origin.
  • Couples who do not want to take IVF or artificial insemination techniques for moral or religious reasons.


Ovarian stimulation
You start your treatment abroad with ovarian stimulation, in which a number of hormones, such as those created by the woman herself (gonadotropins) are given. The stimulation should be light and be checked regularly, because they tend to develop multiple follicles and if their number is too high a multiple pregnancy can be caused.
Ovulation induction

Once one or two follicles have reached the right size (18 mm diameter) the HCG hormone is administered to cause ovulation, which occurs 34-38 hours later and that’s when you get indicated to have sexual relations.

Throughout the treatment, your personal assistant is available at any time to resolve all the doubts that you have during this particular time and to support you through your ovulation induction.


You know what…

  • The development of pregnancy is completely normal, the risk of abortion, premature birth or a baby with a birth defect is the same as that of the pregnancy without ovarian stimulation.
  • The percentage of success is low, about 10% per cycle. It is advisable to try this technique for 3-4 months. Most pregnancies are achieved in the first months. It should also be noted that the results depend on many factors, such as the age of the woman, the thickness of the endometrium, seed quality, sterility time, etc..


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