Obesity Treatments in Spain

POSE Method

IMED Hospitals team is specialist in POSE Method, a new technique to carry out a stomach reduction through the mouth. It is a procedure without scars or uncomfort, with an immediate recuperation. Within the first 4 weeks you will already be able to notice the weighloss. The results will be permanent.

Gastric Balloom

The gastric balloon is a small expandible silicone sphere that is introduced in to the stomach through endoscopy. It stays placed in the stomach for a few months. During this time the patient will have a reduced appetite and by eating a small amoun of food, will feel satisfied, so the extra kilos will be lost.

Gastrectomy Sleeve

The gastric sleeve consists in reducing the size of the stomach to limit its capacity, removing part of the stomach. Through this bariatric surgery, to lose weight, the stomachs volume is reduced and in this way the patient will see a loss of between 50-70% within the first year.

Gastric Bypass

The gastric bypass consists in reducing and restricting the absortion of foods by reducing the size of the stomach, dividing it and creating a small reservoir which is connected to the small instestine. Apart from eating less, the patient absorbs less calories, making weightloss easier.

obesity treatments in spain

Obesity Treatments Abroad for Internation Patients

Personal Patient Assistant

At IMED every patient will be assigned to one of our personal assistants, whom the patient will be able to reach 24/7. Should the patient have any questions, complaints or comments, their personal assistant will assist them at all times.

Accommodation, transfers and services

Spain is one of the best destinations for health tourism abroad. To facilitate the whole treatment process we have assembled a special package. IMED Hospitales will take care of all the necessities, such as accommodation, transfers, etc. to make the treatment as easy and as pleasant as possible.