If you are moderately or severely obese, you have probably tried to lose weight in other ways before thinking about endoscopic surgery. Alternative weight loss methods, such as diet plans or exercise, should always be a first option. However, for people who are unable to lose weight this way, endoscopic surgery for weight loss can help to improve their quality of life and avoid many illnesses related to obesity. In appropriately selected patients, these procedures are completely safe and have a high rate of success in weight loss.

For patients considering endoscopic surgery for weight loss, there are non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures, such as Gastric Balloon (6 months or 12 months options) or Stomach Reduction without open surgery (POSE Procedure). These endoscopic procedures are easier on the patient and typically cost less. Moreover, private obesity clinics abroad in countries such as Spain, the price is very affordable.

The IMED Hospitals group, with 4 hospitals in the Costa Blanca of Spain, offers our international visitors, assistance and support to help make the experience of planning treatment abroad in one of our hospitals as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. The group has a complete unit for multidisciplinary and integrated approach to obesity. A team of surgeons, endoscopists, psychologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists, anesthesiologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors will advise you and help you to solve your weight problems.

The obesity unit will study if the patient is an ideal candidate for endoscopic surgery for weight loss. Once it is decided that this is the ideal and most effective obesity treatment for the patient, a medical checkup is carried out in order to confirm it.

Intragastric Balloon in Spain

A non-invasive treatment in which a small balloon is placed endoscopically in the stomach to provide a sensation of fullness and decrease food intake. The intragastric balloon treatment has been used for over thirty years worldwide as a treatment for obesity with excellent results.

The procedure consists of the placement through the esophagus under sedation of a soft small expandible balloon in the stomach. Once in place, it is filled with saline to occupy volume inside. It only takes 20 minutes to place the gastic balloon in the stomach.

The balloon is placed temporarily in the stomach, typically for 6 months, although there is also an adjustable balloon that can remains lodged in it for 12 months (weight loss effects are even greater). During this time the patient carries out an absolutely normal life.

This balloon activates stretch receptors, delay stomach emptying and activate satiety and reduced food intake. Patient won’t feel as hungry or have much of an appetite and so a lower food intake will take place. Eating less amount of food and following a supervised diet set by a nutritionist, the extra kilos are lost.

The intragastric balloom is one of the most in demand treatments to fight obesity, recommended for:

  • People that are overweight between 20-25 Kg.
  • People that have morbidly obese, which makes a bariatric surgery a big risk.
  • People that suffer from obesity related health problems, such as diabetes, hypertension or sleep apnea.

The intragastric balloon price in Spain is around 3.450 EUR (2.265 GBP), including hospital stay, preoperative examination, operating room, nursing services and a final consultation with the surgeon before returning home. The procedure price is generally similar around the world.

Endoscopic POSE Procedure in Spain

The POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery Endoluminal) procedure is an endoscopic technique which allows to carry out stomach reduction through the mouth without making incisions, reducing the hunger sensation, meaning they then consume the minimum amount of food before feeling full. Through a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, the weight loss will be progressive and permanent.

The POSE method is a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure to reduce the size and the capacity of the stomach. The endoscopic surgeon will reach the stomach by introducing an endoscopy through the patients mouth. The endoscopy will have a mini-camera and the IOP instruments necessary to carry out the stomach reduction. Once the surgeon reaches the stomach, some anchors will be fixed in the fundus zone and on the face of the anterior distal body, making approximately 10 folds in the stomachs tissue. With this stomach reduction the patient will feel less hunger and will feel full quicker, consuming a smaller quantity of food.

The whole procedure takes around one hour, without any type of pain or uncomfort for the patient. The recuperation is immediate, without pain or uncomfort as no cuts or incisions have been made. The patient can go home the exact same day.

The POSE procedure is especially designed for overweight people:

  • People that are overweight or obese type 1 and 2 (BMI between 27-40)
  • People that have illnesses due to being overweight: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or muscular pain.
  • People that have tried to lose weight through exercise and a good diet and haven’t succeded.
  • People that have had a gastric band and have now recuperated the weight they had lost.

The POSE method price in Spain is around 9.800 EUR (7.569 GBP), including hospital stay, preoperative examination, operating room, nursing services and a final consultation with the surgeon before returning home. The POSE procedure price is approximately 14.000 EUR (11.168 GBP) in United Kingdom. It is a more expensive treatment than the Intragastric Balloon, but the results are more effective, with a weight loss from the fourth week. In addition, no balloon is left in the body, so it is a more comfortable treatment.

IMED Hospitals Group in Spain has a prestigious specialized obesity unit with a first-level team of surgeons and endoscopists. They will guide and advise you about which would be the best procedure to treat your obesity problem.