IMED Hospitals has designed a unit exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis (i.e., breast pathology), treatment and monitoring of breast cancer. At IMED Hospitals we have both highly qualified experts in this field and all the required technological resources available.

Due to the fact that breast cancer does not have any evident symptoms in early stages the best way to approaching the malady is early diagnosis. Therefore, regular examinations and periodic mammography are the procedures we employ to this end.

The cross-disciplinary unit means we have a professional team for each area, capable of working in a coordinated way to resolve any specific problem.

At IMED Hospitales breast unit we have a team of gynecologists, oncologists, plastic surgeons, pathologists, nuclear medicine specialists and psychologists.

Breast pathology – a way to a comprehensive treatment

Early detection of breast cancer is very important. Current advances in breast pathology ensure significantly better therapy results, increasing cure rates and reducing the necessity of performing an aggressive surgery.

Using prevention programs and performing timely diagnosis can change our patients’ future. Diagnosing breast cancer in its early stages allows for a much less aggressive treatment with a significantly higher chance of curing than if detected later. Our technological equipment and our professional experts enable high quality assistance.

At IMED Hospitales we offer customized screening plans and individual risk warnings. This helps us to carry out all diagnosis procedures and treatments as fast and as efficient as possible.
Each breast cancer patient is provided with an individual and adapted therapeutic plan, guaranteeing the best results. We pay attention to the aesthetic results from the beginning of the treatment.


IMED Hospitales has the most advanced medical technology for diagnosing breast cancer.
Additionally to other technical equipment we have:

Digital mammography machine for stereotactic breast biopsy, MRI, CATSCAN, high-resolution ultrasound and nuclear medicine, allowing us to use various procedures such as the sentinel node procedure.
We also have our own laboratory and a professional team that analyzes biopsies giving reliable results in the shortest time possible.

Sentinel Node Procedure
Sentinel node procedure, also known as lymph node biopsy technique, reduces the need of axillary linfadenoctomy in many cases, thus minimizing the risks that can arise during employment of the latter.

Oncology and Radiotherapy Unit

Our oncology and radiotherapy unit is equipped with a very advanced technology. Different radiation treatments can be applied depending on the type of tumor:

  • External radiotherapy: for breast cancer treatment.
  • Internal radiotherapy: aimed at the tumor area directly to avoid affecting healthy cells in the rest of the body.

Any comprehensive treatment for breast cancer includes a reconstruction of the damaged breast. Hence, the oncoplastic surgery has become one of the basic pillars of the breast unit.
There are two types of oncoplastic surgery:

  • Postmastectomy oncoplastic surgery for breast reconstruction.
  • Conservative oncoplastic surgery to reduce/repair deformities.