Cancer. It’s one of the most scary yet misunderstood words in our society. For many it’s a synonym of despair, pain and suffering. But thanks to advances in cancer research, we find ourselves more and more further away from that perception.

Nowadays more than half of tumors are cured, and more importance is being put in to the continuos care being given to our oncology patients so they can live a better quality of life. Ranging from a multidisciplinary field, many professionals are involved in the treatment of this disease, assessing each case individually.

Chemotherapy has taken a backseat, relapsing the weight of treatment in the therapies aimed at moleculars based on advanced genetic analysis, which is showing an improvement in survival rates and with few side effects.

In this sense, cancer research helps develop strategies for prevention, diagnosis, treatments and cure of cancer. Clinical trials are essential to evaluate and compare applications of the various cancer treatments.

According to the magazine PharmaTimes, today there are around 1000 molecules in clinical trials in oncology worldwide. In the past three years 37 new anti-tumor drugs against various cancers have been approved, which are used in routine clinical practice following international protocols. Our patients have the opportunity to participate in these clinical trials with the newest molecules.

Therefore, the word cancer is moving closer towards hope, chronicity and of course, a cure. Thanks to advances in cancer research, due to investment in clinical trials, oncology patients can live a better quality of life.