Tell us about what you most liked about your experience with IMED Hospitals

There was a high level of professionalism in the preparation and service received by the medical team and other staff members. Above all, I would like to highlight the work of the neurosurgeon Dr. Navarro and the patient assistant Olga Zhukovskaya. I am now expecting an improvement after surgery with the help of God! A special thank you to Olga Zhukovskaya for her support, attention and sincere empathy.

Why did you choose to have treatment at IMED hospitals?

Firstly, of all the requests for treatment of my illness that was sent to several clinics in Spain, Germany and Turkey, IMED Elche was the first to respond and manage my request. Secondly, this hospital is located near to Torrevieja, where we live in Spain.

Would you recommend IMED Hospitals to other patients?

Yes, of course!

What would you change about our services in order to improve?

A few more smiles on the faces of the staff.