After having a double bypass operation on the 12th January this year at the age of 62. I felt that I would never be the same again or be able to do the things I could before. I felt very low and did not know what to do. Then Dr Julian Roldan Morcillo told me about a new rehabilitation course the IMED hospital was starting. My wife and I had a meeting and consultation with the Doctor and he explained to us what the course would entail.

It would be over a 2 month period and that it would include: Two sessions a week with the physio, 1 session a week with the cardio doctor to monitor progress, 1 session every two weeks with a dietitian and 1 session every two weeks with the psychologist. I started the course at the beginning of April.

I found the course terrific and a great help to me in all areas. The staff in all departments were fantastic and so friendly and helpful, from the receptionist, nurses right through to the individual specialist doctors. You could tell everyone of them really cared, and it showed, from day one to the last day of the course. In the end I was sad to see my course end. The course has not only given me confidence again, but also a new outlook on life. I have carried on with my fitness training at home and really enjoy it and feel so much better for it. As the doctor explain to me the fitness side is just as important as the medication.

I thought, I would never be the same again after the operation and before the course, but now I am better then I was before. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that has had heart problems or surgery. I am a new man.

Thank you so much to everyone in the cardio department at the IMED Hospital in Benidorm you gave me a new life. I will never forget you all.

Donald Calow

Donald Calow