I came to IMED Hospitals as it was recommended to me by a doctor friend of ours and a friend who had surgery here said its the best place to go.

After my pregnancy my stomach and breasts were a mess. I had so much skin on my stomach that it was impossible to wear any decent clothes. Now I have the body I’ve been dreaming of and im so so happy!

Ilahy is the aesthetic dermatological Surgical Institute at IMED Hospitals, and they talked me through everything and i had the opportunity to do both breast and a tummy tuck together which was fantastic for me and at the best price. After the operation i had all the help from the nurses and the after care at ilahy was perfect.

The staff are all so friendly, helpful and just fantastic at what they do and I would recommend ilahy and IMED Hospitals to anyone who wants any kind of aesthetic treatment. I had the best possible experience here at ilahy!!! 5 stars!