What did you like most about IMED Hospitals in Spain?

The service, personal attention, friendliness of staff, facilities and cleanliness, comfort of its installations and speed of blood and other tests, x-rays, etc. They really made me feel comfortable and confident.

But the most important was Dr. Ferragut, a specialist in traumatology and orthopedics. My hip kept me from walking comfortably due to intense pain and I needed a hip replacement. The doctor gave me confidence because of his professionalism, human and sincere.

Why did you choose IMED?

I learned about IMED Hospitals in Spain through MEDIGO. Additionally I was treated by mail from the Hospital in an efficient, friendly and professional manner. This inspired confidence. The most important thing was to have spoken by telephone with Dr. Ferragut. Conversation organized by IMED Hospitals and MEDIGO.

Has the treatment you received change your life in any way?

A lot until now. I hope that I will recover soon and I can lead a normal life. According to Dr. Ferragut, the operation was very complicated, with certain risks, but he was happy with the operation and, for the moment, I am too.

I am recovering rapidly and I am appreciating the rehabilitation program to get me walking again after the operation. They do not do this in my country.

Would you recommend IMED?

Undoubtedly. I have already talked to several friends about IMED Hospitals and they are interested in me explaining my adventure with IMED with more detail. They are obviously waiting to see how I get better. In addition, Dr. Ferragut is willing to study the RX plates of my friends to give a diagnosis without obligation. As he did with me. This is an important bonus.

What would change about our services in order to improve?

The waiting room for family members who are waiting for the patients to leave the operation is very small. The food could also be improved a little.