Valerie Marshall, from United Kingdom came to our hospital in Costa Blanca in Spain for a hip replacement, through the EU Directive for Crossborder Healthcare, and without waiting lists.


Tell us about what you most liked about your experience with IMED Hospitals

The manner and speed which Yolanda and Olga dealt with my requirements.

Why did you choose to have treatment at IMED hospitals?

Because it has upto to date equipment and modern in its presentation.

Would you recommend IMED Hospitals to other patients?


What would you change about our services in order to improve?

Have no fault with the services which I consider were excellent. My only complaint would be the porter who returned me to my room from ICU. He did not place the control within my reach and was unable to call the nurses etc. Without this control I also had to sit in the dark until my husband arrived who then found the control.

Valerie Marshall