IMED Hospitales offers special health packages designed for international patients, combining a holiday in Spain and a health treatment. One of the most popular treatments is the Rhinoplasty Surgery. It is a surgical procedure to improve the shape and function of the nose, leaving a nice, balanced and natural nose.  Rhinoplasty abroad has an affordable price, cheaper than United Kingdom.

Rhinoplasty surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia and is performed through the inside of the nostril, so that there will be no external marks.  Nose-reshaping is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures amongst men and women, particularly suited to improve the aesthetic of the nose and to solve problems that hinder respiratory function. When is the nose-reshaping treatment recommended?

  • The nose is too big for his face.
  • The nose has an unsightly profile.
  • The nose is broad or crooked.
  • The tip of the nose is thick or falling.
  • Nasal holes are too open or closed.
  • Some cases of difficulty breathing.

The all-inclusive travel package that IMED Hospitales offers you, includes:

  • Hospital stay
  • Preoperative examination and anesthesia
  • Operating room, surgeon and surgical equipment
  • Nursing services
  • Final consultation with the surgeon before returning home
  • Hospital transfers to the hotel and the airport
  • Hotel stay (8 nights) with full board option, spa and relaxation treatments.

Now you can enjoy this Rhinoplasty treatment in Spain, at an affordable price. You can check the Rhinoplasty abroad prices here.