same sex couples fertility treatment

Fertility Treatment for homosexual female couples

High success rate

In Vitro Fertilization treatment promises a high success rate. More precisely, IVF with egg donation has a 60 percent chance of success per cycle. Therefore, IMED guarantees that our patients get pregnant within the first six weeks after commencement of the treatment.

Sharing of the gametes

During the procedure gametes of both partners will be employed, as in the case of heterosexual couples. Consequently, both women have equal rights and obligations towards the newborn baby without the need of adoption by one of the women. The baby will have the genes of its surrogate mother as well as the oocytes donor.


Personal Patient Assistant

At IMED every patient will be assigned to one of our personal assistants, whom the patient will be able to reach 24/7. Should the patient have any questions, complaints or comments, their personal assistant will assist them at all times.


Accommodation, transfers and services

Spain is one of the best destinations for health tourism abroad. To facilitate the whole treatment process we have assembled a special package. VITA will take care of all the necessities, such as accommodation, transfers, etc. to make the treatment as easy and as pleasant as possible.

  • Complete privacy
  • 100% legal in Spain
  • Free Skype consultation with a doctor

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IVF treatment same sex couples

All I wanted to be when I grew up was a mum, I loved children . I knew how many children I wanted to have, and I knew just how ‘cool’ they would be. When I learned that same sex couples had the possibility to become parents I did not hesitate for one minute, I had taken my decision. The thougest step that I had to make is to choose the clinic and the country. Vita success rates and their initial support convinced me to start the treatment. At the moment we are starting with the process but I fell secure and tranquility.


Imed Hospitales

IMED Hospitales is a health care group set up to develop a network of private hospitals offering high quality, customized health care with cutting edge facilities and equipment. IMED Hospitales is a benchmark for private health care providers in Spain. IMED Levante Hospital has been recognized as the best private hospital of the province.

VITA is our center for reproductive medicine composed of a multidisciplinary team of highly specialized professionals who offer their help to both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

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Hospital in Benidorm

Formerly known as Hospital de Levante, this hospital became fully operational in June 2004, with the aim of providing high-quality healthcare to the population of Costa Blanca. Soon it has consolidated its position in its area of influence transforming itself into one of the most prestigious private hospitals in province of Alicante, attracting many patients from abroad.


Polyclinic in Teulada

With significant demand in the Marina Alta area (stretching from Calpe to Javea), and in order to improve and strengthen the group’s position there, in late 2008 we decided to start the inauguration of the Outpatient Clinic in Teulada (Alicante), which opened its doors in September 2009.


Hospital in Elche

IMED Elche is the first private hospital in Elche. It provides a range of high-level private health care in a catchment area of nearly 600,000 people. There is currently no comparable provision in this area.
This centre has the best possible technological resources for medical professionals to develop their private sector work with the highest standards of quality in a completely safe clinical environment.