ROPA Treatment, IVF or same sex couples in Spain

Since 2005, ROPA (Reception of ovocytes of the partner) technique is legal in Spain for same sex couples so two married women can have a baby without having to adopt.

One of the women undergoes an ovarian stimulation to provide the eggs and oocytes are retrieved by follicular puncture that will be inseminated with sperm from a semen bank, and the embryo will be transferred to her partnert’s uterus.

This way one is the genetic mother and the second the gestational mother.

  • A woman of the couple will be the genetic mother.
  • The other woman of the couple will be the gestational mother.

ROPA, IVF for lesbians

Fertility Treatments in Spain: Benefits

  • Specialist in Reproductive Medicine.
  • Excellent success rates.
  • Affordable IVF in Spain. Your fertility treatment from 1.779 GBP.
  • No waiting lists. Start as soon as you prefer.
  • ROPA treatment 100% legal in Spain. Complete privacy.
  • International Personal Patient Assistant 24/7, in your language.
  • Accommodation, transfers and other services. Combine your IVF treatment and holidays in Costa Blanca Spain.


IVF Treatments Abroad

You are just one step away from achieving the dream of being a mother. How does all this work?

Your assisted reproductive treatment abroad

Plan your treatment in SpainTreatment in SpainAfter your treatment
  • Enquire and receive information regarding your assisted reproductive treatment and a quotation for the cost.
  • A free consultation is offered with the specialist by Skype to discuss your treatment before the decision is made.
  • No waiting lists. Your fertility treatment can start as soon as you are ready.
  • IMED International Patient Assistant Department offers you advice regarding travel arrangements. You may find it easier to book a package holiday or flights from the UK are available from most regional airports to Alicante airport in Spain throughout the year
  • IMED Hospitals will provide you with a transfer too your chosen accommodation near the hospital. IMED will advise regarding hotels and apartments closeby and can also offer special prices at some hotels.
  • Complete gynecological check-up (including vaginal ultrasound).
  • Formulation of patient’s medical history and personalized medical report.
  • Explanation of the assisted reproductive treatment procedure in your language.
  • Performance of analytical and ultrasound scans during your treatment.
  • Your IVF Treatment.
  • Services of an English speaking personal patient assistant throughout your treatment.
  • To be meet at the airport and transfered to the airport and hospital (or hotel) depending on the treatment schedule
  • Recovery in a separate room with services such as free Wifi, electronic tablet to stay connected with friends and family, International TV
  • IMED Hospitals are located on the Costa Blanca. A popular holiday destination with a rich tourism infrastructure of activities, natural beauty, superb beaches and climate. The ideal destination with easy access to combine a treatment with a holiday.
  • Follow-up consultation and Telephone follow-up consultation


IMED Hospitals

IMED Hospitales is a private health care group set up to develop a network of private hospitals offering high quality, customized health care with cutting edge facilities and equipment. IMED Hospitales group has 2 fertility centres at IMED Levante Hospital in Benidorm and IMED Elche.

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