Periodontal surgery in Spain

At Imed Hospital in Elche we use special techniques which enable us to clean and reconstruct bone structures damaged by bacteria utilizing  man-made materials similar to a human bone. By pulling back a section of the patient’s gum tissue the roots are cleaned and polished in order to kill the disease-causing bacteria, and to help the gum tissue to reattach itself to the smooth bone surface.

The main goal is to prevent the progression of periodontitis and to reduce periodontal pockets. Therefore, periodontal surgery is a necessary step to ensure that you have healthy gums and teeth, and an aesthetically beautiful smile.

What is included?

  • Consultation and creation of your medical record
  • Intraoral tests
  • Exploration and diagnosis
  • Periodontal surgery of the six sextants
  • Final consultation with the surgeon before returning home

Hospital Facilities

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The surgery

The surgical procedure is performed under local anesthetic; the gum is cut with a small scalpel creating an incision in the vicinity of the tooth neck. We lift the gums to make the loose tooth and bone perfectly visible. Further, we remove all existing infections and implement procedures of remodeling or bone reparation depending on the case. Finally, we attach the gum back to the bone and the tooth. Bone grafts or tissue stimulating proteins can be used to encourage your body’s natural ability to regenerate the bone and the flesh tissue.


Costa Blanca extends along the eastern coast of Spain and covers the province of Alicante that has the best all year round temperatures for a speedy recovery for treatment abroad. The World Health Organization considers the climate as one of the most favorable in the world for overall health and well-being. This is why engaging in health tourism in this region is of such a great benefit. Especially, for those looking to undertake a fertility treatment Costa Blanca presents an ideal region making it possible to take advantage of the healing properties of the Mediterranean environment due to presence of salt lakes and relatively low humidity. Additionally, the great presence of negative ions in the air of the Costa Blanca region positively affects both mental health and physical comfort.


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