POSE Method in Spain

POSE Method is a new technique which allows to carry out stomach reduction through the mouth without making incisions. It is a procedure without scars or uncomfort, which allows immediate recuperation and visible results from week 4.

The POSE method (primary endoluminal obesity surgery) is a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure that reduces the size and the capacity of the stomach. The patient feels a minor hunger sensation, meaning they then consume the minimum amount of food before feeling full. Through a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, the weightloss will be progressive and permenant.

The POSE method is especially designed for overweight people, not including morbidly obese cases, and people that can’t seem to achieve weight loss through just diet and exercise.

  • People that are overweight or obese type 1 and 2 (BMI between 27-40)
  • People that have illnesses due to being overweight: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or muscular pain.
  • People that have tried to lose weight through exercise and a good diet and haven’t succeded.
  • People that have had a gastric band and have now recuperated the weight they had lost.

IMED Hospitals Group in Spain has a prestigious specialized obesity unit with surgeons, endoscopists, psicologists, nutritionists, anesthetists, aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons. They will guide and advise you about which would be the best procedure to treat your obesity problem.

What is included?

  • Hospital stay
  • Preoperative examination
  • Operating room, surgeon and anesthesia
  • Nursing services
  • Final consultation with the surgeon before returning home

Hospital Facilities

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Medical Team


Dr. Juan Antonio Casellas

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The surgery

The obesity unit will study if the patient is an ideal candidate for the POSE method. Keep in mind that not everyone is a candidate for obesity treatment. Once it is decided that the POSE method is the ideal and most efective obesity treatment for the patient, a medical checkup is carried out.

The endoscopic surgeon will reach the stomach by introducing an endoscopy through the patients mouth. The endoscopy will have a mini-camera and the IOP instruments necessary to carry out the stomach reduction.

Once the surgeon reaches the stomach, some anchors will be fixed iin the fundus zone and on the face of the anterior distal body. Approximatley 10 folds are made in the stomachs tissue to reduce its size around 50cm. This way the patient will feel less hunger and will feel full quicker, consuming a smaller cantidad of food.

The whole procedure takes around one hour, without any type of pain or uncomfort for the patient. The recuperation is immediate, without pain or uncomfort as no cuts or incisions have been made. The patient can go home the exact same day.

POSE Method in Spain


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